Addon for Resolume Avenue & Arena


Create a countdown to a specific time

The Count it down addon for resolume will count down to a specific hour of the day.
You can change the color, size, letter spacing, and write your own ending text.

Update v1.5
The addon has been converted from source to effect to allow the overlay mode where you can use your own clips as the timer’s texture.
It is now possible to auto hide hours and minutes when zeroed.
A new floating text allow adding a static title with an ability to fade it out at countdown’s ending.
An “On Complete” mode contain several choices for the countdown’s ending.

#NEW – Addon has been converted from Source to Effect to allow advanced features.
#NEW – Overlay Mode.
#NEW – Hide & Auto-Hide Hours & Minutes.
#NEW – Floating Text.
#NEW – Hide at End options for floating text
#NEW – An “On Complete” mode with several options.
#NEW – Blink at end.
#NEW – Scale Up last 10 seconds
#NEW – Individual Positionings, Scaling & Spacing for Countdown, Floating Text & Custom End Text.
#NEW – Individual Colors for Countdown, Floating Text & Custom End Text.
#NEW – Reset Button has been added to allow restarting the countdown.
#NEW – Text Stroke with selectable color & width.
#FIX – When Counting down to midnight (Next Day) Countdown won’t restart.

Update 1.5.1
#FIX – Presets are now saved correctly
#IMPROVEMENT – Performance Optimization

Compatible with Resolume Avenue & Arena 7.10.0 and above.
Future updates might require a later version of Resolume for new & enhanced features.
As there are no refunds for digital downloads please check carefully you have the minimum version of Resolume before purchasing. 



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