Addon for Resolume Arena


Strobe your slices Randomly or by slice order

The slice Strobe addon for resolume arena creates colored strobes for the composition slices.
All you have to do is choose the slices from the slices tab.
It is possible to change the speed & color of the strobe and also to remove slices which are not needed.
The addon is based on two modes, the first one is random and the second one will strobe by slices order.
There is also a Slice-O-Rama option, you should check it out!

Version 1.1
#NEW! It is now possible to strobe the slice’s edges as well, with an easy changeable thickness slider.

Version 1.2
#NEW! A secondary color is now available to make strobes much cooler.
#NEW! A new feedback slider allows adding delays to make your strobes feel smoother.

Version 1.5
#NEW! When using the effect over a layer or a clip It is now possible to flash a video or image instead of a full colored slice.
It is also possible to choose the scaling method. Using this feature allows a strobe of a transparent logo as well.
#NEW! If the slice mapping is symmetric then it is now possible to enable a symmetric mode which will mirror the strobes on the opposite side of the composition’s mapping.
#FIX Fixed wrong timings with slice order & multi colors.

Version 1.5.5
#IMPROVEMENT – Improved Performance & Optimization

Version 1.6 Update
#NEW – Random Color Option
#MAINTENANCE – Workaround to address a possible wrong texture mixing with 7.12 / 7.13

Version 1.6.5 Update
#FIX – Fixed some transparency issues with recent versions of Resolume on some machines.
#NEW – An On/Off Button has been added to allow keeping or removing the Background

Compatible with Resolume Arena 7.10.0 and above.
Future updates might require a later version of Resolume for new & enhanced features.
As there are no refunds for digital downloads please check carefully you have the minimum version of Resolume before purchasing. 




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