Addon for Resolume Avenue & Arena


Add a timer to your sources and customize it as you like

The timer tool addon for resolume will count down by number of hours, minutes or seconds as you specify.
Timer colors can be configured by remaining time.
It is possible to change size; add drop shadow and enable blink at time out.
It is also possible to change the ending notice as you like.
The addon uses the Arial Black font

Version 1.5

#NEW – The addon has been converted from Source to an Effect.
#NEW – 3 fonts can be selected.
#NEW – Shadow Positioning.
#NEW – Global Positioning and Scaling.
#NEW – On Complete Options: Choose between a Timecode or an Ending Notice.
#NEW – Option to magnify the last 10 seconds.
#NEW – CLOCKER! A new animatable visual background with various features and customization.

Version 1.5.5
#UPDATE – Workaround to fix a clocker issues with Resolume 7.14/7.15
#IMPROVEMENT – Improved Performance & Optimization

Version 1.6
#NEW – A Pause Button has been added.
#NEW – “Reset & Start” option to start the timer automatically after a reset.
#NEW – Progress Bar with customizable options.
#NEW – Segment7 Digital Font has been added.
#FIX – Fixed a bug with the magnifier.
#FIX – Fixed a missing second scenario.
#IMPROVEMENT – Blinking is now smoother.
#IMPROVEMENT – Interface Optimizations.
#IMPROVEMENT – Performance Optimizations.

The addon contain free fonts for non commercial / commercial use, please check the included font License for more information.

Compatible with Resolume Avenue & Arena 7.10.0 and above.
Future updates might require a later version of Resolume for new & enhanced features.
As there are no refunds for digital downloads please check carefully you have the minimum version of Resolume before purchasing. 




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