Addon for Resolume Avenue & Arena


The Lyricator addon for resolume allows to show & control lyrics or text, line by line in a convenient and easy way.

All you have to do is paste your lyrics and you are ready to go.
Controlling the lyrics is possible on both directions.
A reset button will get the lyrics back to the start.
It is possible to change the text size, alignment, line margins, stroke & shadow effects & also create a rear box with many adjustable options.

The addon uses Arial Bold font and has been tested with English.
If you intend to use languages other then English please download language compatibility tester prior the purchase from this link: 

For a special Edition Thai language version of LYRICATOR click:

Update 1.2
#NEW – The addon has been converted from Source to Effect
#NEW – Two extra fonts are available to choose from (Montserrat SemiBold & Roboto Medium)
#IMPROVEMENT – Performance Optimization
Extra Fonts can be downloaded here:

Update 1.5
#NEW – Add Dissolve between Text lines.
#IMPROVEMENT – Performance Optimization
#NEW – Resolume 7.16.0 & above would benefit from:
* Better Performance with much lower GPU usage.
* High Quality Strokes / Soft Strokes

The addon is compatible with Resolume Avenue & Arena 7.10.0 and above.

Future updates might require a later version of Resolume for new & enhanced features.
As there are no refunds for digital downloads please check carefully you have the minimum version of Resolume before purchasing. 



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