Addon for Resolume Arena


The Text-Party addon for resolume Arena allows to bump text in various ways.

Just enter text & press the “Hit-Me” button to bump it.
The text effect option allows to zoom text in or out.
There are 3 background modes: Normal mode, Empty Mode & Overlay Mode.
It is possible to adjust fading time, Stroke color & stroke width.
If you want to slice things up, just activate the “text to slice” option, then Drag slices of your choice to the slices area and start bumping.

Update 1.1
It is possible to disable fade out time.

Update 1.2
#NEW – Added a Reset button.
#IMPROVEMENT – Performance Optimization

The addon uses Arial Black font and has been tested with English.
If you intend to use languages other then English please download language compatibility tester prior the purchase from this link: 

Compatible with Resolume Arena 7.10.0 and above.
Future updates might require a later version of Resolume for new & enhanced features.
As there are no refunds for digital downloads please check carefully you have the minimum version of Resolume before purchasing. 


Copyright 2022 – KPT HIPPO

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